Another Allegation of Rendell Corruption

This time, Fast Eddie seems to be using no-bid contingency contracts to reward trial lawyers for making lucrative donations to his re-election campaign. In a case in front of the PA Supreme Court today, Jannsen Pharmaceuticals has asked that the Houston law firm of Bailey, Perrin, & Bailey be removed as trial counsel for the Commonwealth due to the fact that they allegedly paid over $100,000 to Rendell’s campaign in the months leading up to 2006 election in exchange for prosecuting this case, which could bring in BILLIONS of dollars in contingency fees to the firm.

The Wall Street Journal has an in-depth article about this in today’s edition.

My question is: Don’t we have an Attorney General whose job it is prosecute cases on behalf of the state? Maybe he is too busy campaigning for governor to be bothered with this.



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2 responses to “Another Allegation of Rendell Corruption

  1. dogg

    I just looked it up and from what I can understand, the Gov. must ask the AG for advice/counsel in matters regarding the state suing or being sued. If asked they the AG must represent the State in such matters. But at the same time it says the the AG has the duty to represent the Commonwealth if such matters shoudl arise. From what I gather the AG office is an elected office since 1980, (as per constitutional change in ’78)
    Either way this is simple fast eddie pay to play.

  2. I am shocked to see that Fast Eddie is involved in possible conflict of intrest, after all those years in Philly you would have thought he could cover his tracks better!

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