Holman to Seek GOP Nod for District Atty

Schuylkill County District Attorney Jim Goodman thought he had it made. The Republican Party is in disarray, his office is handling a boatload of high profile criminal cases, including one that has garnered national attention, and with the economy stumbling, not many established attorneys with trial experience are willing to give up or scale back their private practice for a run at public office. As far as Goodman was concerned, he was going to win a second term by political default. Not any more . . . .

The Clarke Report has learned that former Assistant District Attorney Christine A. Holman will seek the GOP nomination for Schuylkill County DA. Holman, a successful solo practitioner based in Frackville who left Goodman’s office in 2005, said, “I cannot stand idly by and let [Goodman] go uncontested. Schuylkill County deserves better.”

Holman is a polished trial lawyer with 13 years of courtroom experience, including four as a county prosecutor. A graduate of Thomas Cooley School of Law, she served as a law clerk in the Schuylkill County courthouse for four years before getting her start as a trial attorney with Rubright, Domalakes, Troy, and Miller in 1995. Following her stint in the DA’s office, Holman went into business for herself, concentrating her law practice in the areas of criminal defense and family law. She currently serves as an adjunct professor at McCann School of Business in Pottsville. Holman is married to the political lightning rod, former Rhoades’ chief of staff Clyde “Champ” Holman.

An official announcement is expected soon. The Clarke Report will have a full profile and breakdown of the race in the coming weeks.



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9 responses to “Holman to Seek GOP Nod for District Atty

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  2. Gemini fever

    With the full weight of Senator Argall’s machine behind Holman, I don’t see how Goodman stands a chance. Goodbye Jim.

  3. No more Dave

    No sense in spending money on this special election, since Davey the pay grabber has been declared the winner. Gemini fever get out and talk to the people, they see exactly what type of Sen Davey boy will be, a divider, no fact politician. He fell out of favor in the House and Rep Tarzi kicked him to the curb, now he needs a new home.
    I guess we will see on March 3rd who they believe!

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  5. Argall is THE MAN

    Argall will CRUSH Lukich. Lukich voted himself over 100% raises. He lets rapers out of prison. he raised property taxes almost 100%

    Argall has created 20,000 jobs in the county and cut our taxes. more poeple have jobs than ever before in our area.

    Dream on you losers if you think Lukich has a prayar of winning. Tim Sipe your next buddy!

  6. Jane S.

    Hey “No more Dave”, I’ve got a news flash for you and your Democrat buddys. You people need to back off and chill out with the relentless attacks. There’s a growing group of voters here in Schuylkill County who are sick & tired of your crap. We’re comming out in force for the up comming elections to get the GOP back on top. Your antics only fuel our fire.

  7. smokey haze

    Well, I for one, will never again vote for a republican in this county as long as I shall breathe.

    The way the repubs went after Baylor, keeping him off the ticket was just wrong & the most dirty thing they could have ever done for this county. Anyone should have a right to run for any office they see fit.

    I will be a 100% independent voter from here on out.

    I would have voted for Argall, even though I can’t stand him but that is no longer the case. I am sick of these two parties forcing us to vote for the lesser of 2 evils.

  8. No more Dave

    Jane S, tell Davey Boy your buddy to keep the mudslinging up, its really turning off the voters, please keep it up! Does anybody have a clue where he stands on the issue, outside of giving himself a pay raise at 2am?


    Steve Lukach CANNOT give himself a raise…there is a salary board for the county and even if he was ever on that board he cannot take part in a vote for himself. And as for the rapist getting out….IT WAS THE LAW THAT A BONDSMAN BOND HAD TO BE ACCEPTED…THE LAW. If they would have refused it then there would have been a lawsuit and the rapist would have been cleared on all charges due to the office not foloowing procedure. HOWEVER, in the last year and a half since then Dave Argall could have started legistature to change that law in order for it to read that a bond cannot be accepted….BUT HE DID NOTHING ABOUT IT UNTIL NOW…Now all he is doing is using at against Mr. Lukach. Amazing how he has to tell 2 complete lies because he cannot find any “real” negative comments to make.

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