I’m Running For Orwigsburg Council

In tough economic times, when people are up against it, elected officials have a moral obligation to be careful stewards of the taxpayers’ money. Last spring, Councilmen John M. Rehrig and Steven J. Zimmerman were given the opportunity to save the residents of Orwigsburg $250 per year on their water bill and spare them the additional burden of increased school property taxes from Blue Mountain School District. They chose to keep taking more from the citizens of Orwigsburg, while the rest of us struggled to pay our bills, keep oil in our tanks, and gas in our cars.

I believe that it is high time for government to tighten its belt right alongside its citizens. Many of us are tired of shelling out the equivalent of a mortgage payment to the borough each quarter, while council is purchasing $2000 bicycles for the police department that never get ridden.

As YOUR councilman, I pledge to immediately act to allow you to keep more of your own paycheck each month by approving the sale of the water and sewer system to Schuylkill County Municipal Authority. Furthermore, I will work hand in hand with other fiscally responsible members of council to make the business of government more efficient and cost-effective.

Government functions to serve the poeple. Right now, the people of Orwigsburg and their paychecks are serving the needs of a bloated and ineffective municipal government. I seek to change that, but can only do so with your vote. 

To read my platform and my full biography, please visit www.clarke4council.wordpress.com



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10 responses to “I’m Running For Orwigsburg Council

  1. Jane S.

    It’s about time!! Where can I send my campaign contribution???
    Go get them Hank!!

  2. TJ

    A platform of fiscal responsibility from a guy who can’t get a job because he doesn’t pay his bills – BRILLIANT!

    This is almost as hypocritical as your badmouthing of the Boscov’s bailout, just one month after some stranger bailed you out, allowing your family to have an actual Christmas – something you could not have given them on your own.

    And you like to think you’re the new voice of the GOP? No wonder you guys couldn’t win an election if you were the only party on the ballot. Old “Honest Abe” must be spinning in his grave right now.

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  4. Hank Clarke

    Very classy, TJ.

    Now, I normally wouldn’t even print such a gutter trash response. However, this one is particularly interesting because the URL and server from which this originated is house.gov, which means that ol’ TJ here works for the US House of Representatives.

    Great use of our tax dollars, TJ!

  5. Kevin

    Hank — way to go. I wish you best of luck and hope you win. We need more good down-to-earth conservatives like you.

    When you start public service, make sure you don’t change. Politics has a way of making jerks of people like abortionist TJ Rooney and that cocky Pat Toomey who threw his support behind Obama by condemning McCain on national TV.

    When you make it official, you’ll get a check.

  6. ou812

    Well well, a Democrat with a house.gov address with an interest in a Schuylkill County blog. That could only be Tim Holden. You’re a genius Timmy.
    That’s too funny. Go get ’em Hank.

  7. Kevin

    I don’t think it’s Holden. I don’t believe he has that kind of mean streak. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

    However, it could be one of his abortionist sycophant staffers.

    Speaking of which, I just hate democrats. They are lower than both pond scum and cattle feces.

    Perhaps I should see somebody about these feelings.

  8. Lifelong Skook


    To compare someone’s private act of financial compassion to a government forced use of taxpayers’ dollars is an apples & oranges comparison. People have the individual freedom and right to do with their money what they will and I have no doubt, their blessing to Hank will be returned to them at some point in their life.

    The government has no business selectively bailing out any business. If a business can’t make it, it’s going to have to fail. Competition & the capitalist system are the backbone of every successful economy. When you move into mass government takeover (which should now be the official definition of bailout), our economic system is headed for collapse.

  9. Well well, Timmy boy is at it again. Kevin if you do not think Timmy and his staff have that kind of mean streak in them, you either do not know them, or are deluding yourself into believing Tims BS.
    Tim has not looked out for the people of this county from quite some time, he is nothing but Palosi’s Puppet and he have proven that over and over again. He is a whiney cry baby when he doesn’t get his way.

    Now back to the ORIGINAL post… you go for it Hank, the Conservative movement can only rise from the ground up. Grass roots sounds so cliché these days, but you have to start on the Local levels and filter into every aspect of Government to succeed. That’s what the liberals have done over the last 30 years, now look where we are… Tim “Democrat Bobble head” Holden along with Nancy Palosi, and BHO in the White House. Radical Liberals turning this country in to a Socialist haven.

  10. water

    I was at the meeting and the only way the water sale would have worked would be to have raised taxes. We would have saved $250 on water however the tax increase would have been more for some of us. My understanding is the average homeowner would save $50 / year for the first year and as soon as the sewer auth. needed to repair something, we would end up paying more. That and the borough would loss its method of funding the general fund.
    Next time this issue comes up, please dont send salesmen to talk to the people of Orwigsburg. Send people that can answer questions and not put us down for being against them.

    You like to post about corruption, check out the people that came to that meeting to sell us water and look up who owns all the undeveloped land around O’burg.

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