A New Era of Responsibility

On the steps of the Capitol this historic inauguration day, the 44th President of the United States called for “a new era of responsibility” in America. Responsibility in government. Responsibility in citizenship. Responsibility in stewardship.

These are virtues that cannot be denied by either side of the political aisle, but what can be questioned is how best to bring it about. President Barack Obama has a vision that can most apt be described as a “we can do it for you, until you can do it for yourself”.  He believes that to bring about this type of new attitude in America, government must do it first and it is this governing dogma that will guide his administration over these next four years. We will see.

The annals of conservatism teaches us that historically the PEOPLE of this nation change before our leaders in Washington do. It were the people of colonial America that rose up in defiance of a tyrant, not their government. It were the people of the abolitionist north that challenged the dark tradition of the slave south before any shots were fired at Fort Sumter. It were the people who peacefully marched and protested the government itself against the evils of segregation. Every time there has been drastic change in America, it has been the people who orchestrated it, not the government.

President Obama thinks differently and time will tell if he is correct. History will judge whether government run health care for all will improve the standard of health care in this country. History will judge whether an oppressive progressive tax code that penalizes wealth and success will improve the prosperity and quality of life of this nation’s poor. History will judge whether saturating an already flush school system that has failed our children for generations with even more cash will improve the manner in which we educate our youth and the results that follow.

History is judging you every minute, Mr. President. I pray that you are right, but am confident that you are not.


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