Holden Votes to Expand SCHIP to Adults, Illegal Aliens, and Wealthy Families

SCHIP. Its one of the only “good” government programs currently on the books. It is a joint federal/state health insurance program specifically targeted to insure the children of working class families who are not offered health care benefits through their employer. And now, the democrats (and 40 spaghetti spined Republicans) have ruined it. Thanks guys.

In a 289-139 vote on the floor of the US House of Representatives today, Rep. Tim Holden (D-17) signed off on a massive expansion of SCHIP to include single twenty-something adults, illegal immigrants, and families making upwards of $300,000 per year. This bill is expected to add 4 million people to the medicaid roles and cost an additional 35 billion dollars to fund. The dems plan to pay for it with (drumroll please) a 61 cent tax increase on cigarettes. So much for that “blue dog conservatism” that Holden talks so much about.

Joining Holden and the rest of the Pelosi democrats were forty RINOS looking to score Inaugural Ball tickets, among them Berks County’s own Rep. Jim Gerlach.



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3 responses to “Holden Votes to Expand SCHIP to Adults, Illegal Aliens, and Wealthy Families

  1. Jane S.

    This clearly shows what we’ve been saying for a very long time. There are 2 Tim Holdens. The good ‘ole boy from the coal region who hangs out at the Saint Clair Rod & Gun Club and talks about being a proud “Blue Dog”. Then there’s the Tim Holden who votes the way Nancy Pelosi tells him to. The next time I bump into ‘ole Timmy boy I’ll remind him that this is not San Francisco & it never will be. We need a strong candidate to finally oust this two faced hypocrite.

  2. GOP pride

    But will Republican “leaders” in Schuylkill County help you Jane? Good luck with that.

  3. For the Record

    GOP Pride please tell me what are options are then. Democrats are in control and republicans are meekly acquiescing. The minority commissioners vote on Boscov’s bailout is symptomatic of the State and National problem we are having. Republican elected are following the leaders and there are none left to fight the good fight so what do we do??

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