Dillman Shows Her True Colors . . .

and they aren’t the red, white, and blue of Old Glory. Crystal Dillman, fiancee of slain illegal alien Luis Ramirez, crashed by what all accounts was deemed a peaceful rally against illegal immigration at Bicentennial Park in Shenandoah on Saturday as she hoisted the red, white, and green national flag of Mexico and shouted “You’re all a bunch of racists” at the protesters. The rally, organized by Voice of the People USA, was not aimed at showing support for the three Shenandoah teenagers accused of brutally murdering Ramirez, but was focused on airing the community’s frustration about the growing problem of illegal immigration in their neighborhood and across the country. However, after Dillman reportedly started volleying racial epitaphs and pejoratives at participants of the rally, violence very nearly broke out and the PA State Police needed to step in to ensure her safety.

It seems that Dillman has decided to cast off the shroud of innocent victim that has protected her from any type of media scrutiny in favor of the Birkenstocks and hemp t-shirts of a sign-toting radical activist. Although, she still enjoys the limelight of a pseudo-celebrity as her “counter-protest” was attended by an entourage of local and national media reporters and cameras.

Maybe now that she cannot be persuasively displayed as merely the teary eyed mother of Ramirez’s three children, the media will start to look at Dillman’s record, lifestyle, and complicitness in this saga. What has gone unreported as of today is that Dillman was an accessory to a few federal crimes and may have committed fraud herself as she sheltered Ramirez from law enforcement for six years and collected welfare benefits for her three children while Ramirez worked two legitimate jobs with the aid of a stolen identity. She also reportedly served time in county prison for possession of drugs and for a time had an open case at Children and Youth Services.

The bigger consequence of Dillman’s actions here is that she has gone out of her way alienate herself from her own community, something that may aid the defense of her fiance’s alleged assailants at their criminal trial. Before her disrespectful display Saturday and the protest by out of town political activists at the preliminary hearing of the Shenandoah teenagers two weeks ago, a vast majority of county residents felt empathy for Dillman’s family and outrage at the boys’ actions. There was a general feeling of “string em’ up” throughout Schuylkill County. However, now with these latest shenanigans, Dillman risks further angering the very people in the jury pool who will have the power to either send the accused to prison for a very long time or set them scott free.

If I were District Attorney James Goodman, I would sit Miss Dillman down and tell her to get off of our televisions and shut the hell up. If she really wants justice for her slain boyfriend, it would better serve her interests to stay out of the highly combustible political debate surrounding the case.

Fame or Justice. What is more important to Crystal Dillman? In the coming weeks and months, we shall see.


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