McCain is Surging

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you to let not your heart be troubled by the mainstream media blitzkrieg telling you that this presidential election was a foregone conclusion? Remember when I layed out statistics from past elections showing that John McCain was much stronger than people were giving him credit for? Remember when I told you that the Obama hype was just that, hype? Well, I am not usually one to say, “I told you so”, but . . . . . I TOLD YOU SO!

According to a beavy of statewide polls done over the past few weeks, McCain is showing that he has some fight in those 72-year old bones and that the election is shaping up quite positively for him. Here is a lay-out of all the recent results:

Ohio: Rasmussen reports that as of 8/18, McCain enjoys a 48-43 advantage.

Virginia: Rasmussen reports that as of 8/12, McCain leads Obama by one point 48-47.

Florida: Rasmussen strikes again, declaring that McCain has a 48-46 edge over Obama.

Missouri: PPP, a democratic polling agency, reports that McCain enjoys a double digit advantage 50-40 and Rasmussen agrees, but with a little slimmer margin, 50-44.

Colorado: Rocky Mountain News gives McCain a 44-41 lead, while Rasmussen says McCain leads by only 1, 49-48.

Nevada: As of 8/11, Rasmussen reports that McCain holds a three point lead, 48-45.

North Carolina:Four different polls say that McCain has the advantage, but disagree as to the margin. Insider Advantage says 45-43, Rasmussen says 50-44, Civitas says 46-40, and SurveyUSA says 49-45.

Georgia: Rasmussen claims that McCain enjoys a 9-point lead here, 53-44.

Indiana: SurveyUSA believes that McCain holds a 50-44 advantage as of yesterday.

Louisiana: Rasmussen reports that McCain has a commanding 57-39 lead over Obama.

Even in traditional blue states, McCain has weened Obama’s lead down to single digits:

Pennsylvania: Susquehanna says that Obama’s lead here is down to 5 points 46-41. Of course, none of the polls here consider the impact of Ralph Nader who successfully got himself on the ballot and is threatening to take 2-3 points away from Obama.

Michigan: Rasmussen estimates that Obama has a four point edge over McCain, 49-45. However, if McCain selects favorite son Mitt Romney as his running mate, that lead could evaporate overnight.

Wisconsin: Strategic Vision states that Obama leads in Packer country by a mere 5 points, 47-42.

Minnesota: In the state where the Republican National Convention will be held in 12 days, Obama holds a slim 47-45 lead. After the pomp and circumstance of the RNC, expect that to completely disappear.

New Hampshire: Rasmussen reports that Obama leads McCain by one point as of 8/18, 47-46.

New York: It is inconceivable to think that McCain could win in the Empire State, but it looks as though he may give Obama a run here and force him to spend crucial dollars defending Hillary Clinton’s backyard as Siena reports that Obama is leading by just eight points, 47-39.

The ONLY place where Obama is unexpectedly beating McCain in GOP territory is in Iowa, where McCain offended many by not campaigning there in the primary season. Obama leads 50-43.

If we take the most current state polls and assign electoral votes based on them. As of right now, McCain would be elected the 44th President of the United States, edging out Obama 274-264 in the Electoral College.

To add insult to injury, the insignificant national horserace polls that the MSM media cite so much to tell you that Obama is winning this election are even going against him. In Zogby’s most recent poll, McCain held a 5-point lead nationally.

Now, does any of this mean that this is a done deal? Of course not. Anything can happen between now and election day. But, it does give conservatives optimism that we are just not pissing in the wind and gives us a reason to go to the polls in November.


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