Pro-Illegal Immigrant Activists Protest and Disrupt Shen Murder Hearing

Dressed in black clothes and pink beanies and hoisting Mexican flags on high, Hispanic protesters turned Schuylkill County Courthouse into a circus on Monday afternoon as they marched and chanted outside for various news cameras and media reporters. The protesters, mostly out-of-state activists (some from as far away as Chicago) who were bused in by the open borders advocates Mexican American Legal and Education Fund (MALDEF), were so disruptive that Magistrate Anthony J. Kilker was forced to recess the proceedings.

Does this surprise anyone? In my original post on this subject and in my discussion on Step Up To The Mic on WPPA, I told you that MALDEF was a radical organization whose aim is to open the borders and grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants already here. MALDEF was founded and is funded by the same organization that created the National Council of LaRaza, the Hispanic hate group that believes California, Arizona, and New Mexico are still sovereign territories of Mexico and who actually organized the large scale illegal immigrant rally last year in California that garnered national headlines. Now, these jokers have brought this side show to our backyard.

Are they here to oversee that justice is done? Of course not. To date, law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office has conducted the investigation and charged the suspects strictly by the book. So, they really don’t have much to complain about. Rather, they are here to enhance the false image of Schuylkill County as a backward, racist, hick area that not only condones, but celebrates hate crimes, to further their political agenda. Again, the media is adding to that perception as they spoon feed MALDEF’s talking points to their viewers and dress it up as “news”. Lost in the shuffle of the melee outside was that fact that it appears that DA James Goodman over-charged two of the suspects, Brandon Piekarsky and Colin Walsh, as first and second degree murder charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

I can understand certain people wanting to ensure that no shenanigans happen in the judicial handling of this case. Its another to label the crime as ethnic intimidation and the suspects as racist hate mongers and demand a public lynching before all the facts are disclosed, as has happened in the media since the story broke. But to now bus in professional political activists to wave Mexican flags, chant prejoratives in Spanish at the families and friends of the accused, and mug for the cameras, while disrupting the very hearing that you are supposedly here to oversee, is completely inappropriate.

I want to make a few things crystal clear: You WILL NOT turn my home into a soap box for your radical politics. You WILL NOT make Schuylkill County out to be another Jena. You WILL NOT convict these men in the media without a fair trial. You see hombres, in THIS country we have something called due process of law. Innocence until you are proven guilty is the standard. Wait for the process to play out. If the result is unjust feel free to protest, shout, and make fools of yourselves. However, don’t make a mockery of the system while it is attempting to deliver justice and don’t use our tragedy to further your extremism.

In short, GO HOME.


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