Obama Calls Black Supreme Court Justice Dumb

Showing some of the same contempt as his white elitist pals have for years, democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama told an audience at the recent Saddleback Civil Discourse Forum that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “was not a strong enough legal thinker at the time” to be nominated for the high court. The same party that called him an “Uncle Tom” and “House Negro” after his appointment and did everything possible to block his nomination, including trumping up charges of sexual harassment, is now telling America that Justice Thomas is stupid.

To back up his claim, Obama cites Thomas’ resume as one that did not warrant such an important charge. So, the neophyte political candidate with absolutely no credentials to hold the highest office in the land believes that one of the then most respected jurists in America was undeserving of his Supreme Court seat because of inexperience. Laughable.

How about we compare their resumes, shall we?

Barack Obama

BA in political science, Columbia University

4 years as a community organizer in New York City

JD, Harvard Law School

Editor, Harvard Law Review

Guest Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School

Associate Attorney, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland (12 attroney civil rights firm)

Representative, Illinois State Legislature (8 years)

Senator, United States Senate (4 years)

Clarence Thomas

BA, College of the Holy Cross

JD, Yale Law School

Assistant Attorney General of Missouri (3 years)

General Counsel, Monsanto Corporation (3 years)

Legislative Assistant, US Senator John Danforth (2 years)

Assistant Secretary of Education for the Office of Civil Rights, US Department of Education (2 years)

Chairman, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (8 years)

Associate Justice, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

Tell me, whose resume is more impressive? The state legislator turned US Senator, who started running for President a mere 18 months after taking office or the former DC Circuit Court Justice who was nominated to serve on the Supreme Court?

Justice Thomas may not speak very much during oral arguments. He may agree a great many times with Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinions. He may issue long and sometimes boring legal arguments. However, what he is NOT is dumb. He is one of the greatest legal minds of this generation. Obama wants us to believe that he is a different kind of politician and that we need a change in tone in Washington, all the while is is spewing the same ol’ hateful rhetoric at the same undeserving people that his democrat pals have been targeting for the past two decades.


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One response to “Obama Calls Black Supreme Court Justice Dumb

  1. portia

    he has to be dumb, or at least evil, to have worked for monsanto! don’t let your bleeding heart get in the way of the most important issue: who owns the world’s food supply? just ’cause he’s black doesn’t make him right.

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