Holden and Co. Turn off the Lights During Debate on Gas Prices

In an unprecedented procedural move on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi adjourned the chamber right in the middle of a floor debate about lowering gas prices . Undaunted, 50 GOP representatives continued talking even after Pelosi sounded the gavel. They were determined to have America see and hear for themselves to what lengths House democrats like Rep. Tim Holden would go to block relief at the pump by not allowing an up or down vote on offshore drilling. Unfortunately, we’ll only be able to read about it in the newspapers and online because when Pelosi realized that the Republicans would not submit to her authority, she shut off the microphones, ordered C-SPAN out of the chamber, turned off the lights, and threatened to lock her fellow congressmen in the chamber if they didn’t vacate the premises immediately.

My question is: why wasn’t Tim Holden standing right up there with the Republicans? He CLAIMS to be a conservative democrat. He SAYS that he supports drilling for oil. He PROMISES that he will do anything to lower gas prices. However, when it came time to anty up and stand against his party leadership, Holden slinked back to Saint Clair, as ordered, with his tail between his legs. Its a sad state of affairs when the only democrat who had the balls to go against the will of Pelosi was the political troll himself, Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

I hope you enjoy your 5-week vacation, Timmy! I know I’ll be thinking about you when I am dropping a 50-spot at the Gulf station tommorrow.


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