National Coverage for the 462

I have watched in horror over the past few weeks as my home county has gained national notoriety as the epicenter of ethnic hatred and discrimination in this country. Of course, I am talking about the beating death of illegal alien, Luis Zavala in Shenandoah a few weeks ago. Since the story broke, the media, the loudest among them being our own Pottsville Republican and Herald, has attempted to paint this tragedy as a symptom of widespread racism throughout our neighborhoods and institutional bigotry in our government.

Here is the action line: Shenandoah, PA, a dying coal town, bastion of whiteness, and home to a seedy underbelly of hate. Poor Luis Zavala, a dedicated father and hardworking American, savagely beaten to death by three Shenandoah Valley jocks, who were probably all members of the KKK, while on his way home to tuck in his three young children after enjoying a night at a block party, just because his skin was a different color than theirs. In response, the bigoted white government which includes the town council, police, and district attorney’s office, slogged their feet during the investigation in an attempt to protect the popular white teens from serious prosecution and deny Zavala’s widow the justice she deserves. Enter the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), champions of Latinos everywhere. They swooped into this backwoods county mere days ago, armed with righteousness, the national media, and the FBI, to precipitate the arrest and prosecutions of those ugly Shen racists.

Did that about cover it?

This story is the furthest thing from the truth and is merely a front to advance a political agenda at the expense of the reputation of an entire area of blue collar Americans. At the risk of being called a racist, which as a Republican who continually pwns liberals in political debates I am uncannily used to, The Clarke Report wants to set the record straight.

Shenandoah is no longer a predominantly white town. Over the past decade, this quiet coal town has been continuously infiltrated by illegal alien scum, gang bangers, and drug dealers from Hazelton, Reading, Philadelphia, and New York. The streets are owned by MS13 and the Latin Kings, who protect their lucrative drug distribution network by striking fear into the hearts of long-time area residents. In fact, Shen has gained the nickname “Little Mexico” as Mexican flags adorn many of the porches and numerous Mexican restaurants and bodegas have popped up all around town.

Residents of the 462, as Shenandoah is affectionately known to lifetime Skooks, have become frustrated from being laid off from their jobs and prisoners in their own homes while illegal immigrants live with impunity, stealing jobs away from legal residents, playing loud music well into the night, inundating the streets with drugs, and intimidating them with guns and gangs. Yet, the government has done nothing to help this community, ordering police not to arrest and detains illegals and endorsing employers use of cheap slave labor. Is it any guess why Hazelton mayor Lou Barletta is a folk hero around here?

On the night in question, tensions finally boiled over AT THE BLOCK PARTY in the form of a verbal argument between the white teenagers and a group of illegal aliens. My sources tell me that the white teens were outnumbered and subsequently punked in front of everyone. They backed down and the argument never escalated. Fast forward to a few hours later, those same teens, who were now liquored up and ready to fight someone—anyone, ran into one of the members of the group that they had verbally sparred with at the block party, Luis Zavala. The drunken teens allegedly taunted Zavala, attempting to goad him into a fight. They were successful as Zavala fired back with “what’s your problem”. The teens then reportedly rushed Zavala and the deadly fight ensued.

By now, everyone knows the rest of the story. Zavala’s friend arrives to help out, he gets sucker punched from behind. Zavala gets hit with a good punch and falls to the ground, slamming his head off the pavement. The teens continue to kick him while he is on the ground, crushing his medalion into his chest and then delivering the fatal blow to the head as he lay unconscious. . . . ALLEGEDLY (hat tip to my defamation prof).

The way I see it, this was an alcohol-induced brawl precipitated by bruised egos. Did they call him a “spic”? Probably. Did they tell him to tell the rest of the Mexicans to go home? Probably. Does that make it “ethnic intimidation” and a hate crime? Uh, no. Teenagers are dummies. They do stupid things. They especially don’t liked being embarrassed in front of the whole town. These kids are no different. They got involved in a fight to ease their pride, they took it too far, and now they will pay the price.

Do I condone this type of behavior? Absolutely not. First of all, I think three guys ganging up on one is cowardly. Its something that the gangs that these boys hated and feared so much do to them. If you are man enough to step to another man, you need to back up your words with your own fists, not your friends’. Second, calling a person derogatory names like “spic” is unwarranted and makes the speaker sound stupid. Expand your vocabulary folks. Be witty when trash talking. Resorting to racist names just shows how low your IQ really is. Finally, if you want to fight back against the illegal aliens, drugs, and gangs, get involved where your can enact REAL change. JOIN THE POLITICAL PROCESS! Its safer than roaming the streets looking to pummel anyone with brown skin . . . and its legal! You won’t end up on death row for circling leaflets, attending rallies, or writing letters to the editor.

What I can’t stand is how people like Ben Wolfgang at the Republican, who is trying to earn himself a name nationally by inflaming ethnic tensions and overplaying motives, and MALDEF, who is using the attack to advance their stated agenda of opening the borders and legalizing all illegal aliens, are intentionally raising the collective temperature of this county by inciting anger against the white community and sympathy for the victim. And to my dismay, its working like a charm. Schuylkill County looks like a bunch of white supremicists, Zavala looks like an angel, and MALDEF looks like the hero.

I’ll finally say what many people here have been thinking for weeks: I have little sympathy for Luis Zavala. No one deserves to lose their life over something like this. However, the plain and simple fact of the matter that everyone is thinking, but no one is voicing is that Zavala should be alive today because he should have never been here. He was an illegal alien, a criminal who jumped our border, attained a stolen social security number, and resided here as a fugitive. Had he not violated the law by living here, he would still be playing with his kids, albeit he’d be doing it in Mexico. But hey, alive is alive.

Who I do feel sympathy for is his children. They will grow up without a father for two reasons: their dad couldn’t follow the law and a couple of drunk teenagers decided to take some frustrations out on his face. Maybe after MALDEF is done grandstanding, they can do some actual good by ensuring that these children are brought up correctly and never want for anything, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. As soon as the media spotlight is gone, MALDEF will disappear. And those kids, that town, and this county will be left in shambles.



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5 responses to “National Coverage for the 462

  1. Jane Smithfield

    Once again the Clark Report hit the nail right on the head!! He should have never been here. If our government would enforce our laws, he’d still be alive!! I personally would like to see the entire list of laws that our government does not want to enforce. I’m sure that there are laws out there that I’m obeying that I really don’t have to.

  2. Jane

    One more question for the Clark Report. We pay our government (in the form of taxes) to provide us with services, ie fund a military, make & maintain roads, protect us from each other & greedy companies etc… One of the services we pay for is the enforcing of our laws. If the government refuses to enforce certain laws, shouldn’t we be reimbursed for the failure to provide that service for which we already paid for in good faith?? In short, either enforce the laws on the books or give me back the money I paid you to enforce them.

  3. Hank Clarke


    Many Americans have become complacent in their citizenship. The government knows this and does what they want. You are right, if our government doesn’t provide effective services like they promise to do, its our duty to ensure that those responsible pay with their jobs.

    Only when people get serious about overseeing their own government by taking part in the political and electoral process will we be able to get the great government behomoth under control.

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