Holden and Co. to Raise Gas Tax by 10 Cents

As if the price of gasoline in this country isn’t high enough already, Rep. Tim Holden and his democrat cronies in Washington have started a push to raise the national gas tax by an additional $.10. The federal government already takes $.18 from every gallon of gasoline sold in America, thereby artificially inflating the cost to consumers. It is currently over $4.00/gallon. What’s another dime or two, right? WRONG!

In the leadup to the congressional election in 2006, Timmy and Nancy told us that the rise of gas prices was President Bush’s fault. They said that the Bush was allowing the big bad oil companies to earn “obscene profits” on the backs of the working man in exchange for oil lobby money for the campaign and his Presidential library. They said that as a congressional majority, they would pass the legislation necessary to lower prices.  At that time, the national average cost was $2.18.

Nearly two years and two dollars later, the democrats have done NOTHING to curb the stark rise in gas prices. Drill for oil in Alaska? Nope, we have to save the antelope. Drill off the coasts of California and Florida? Nah, the Chinese are already there, why should we copy? Build more refineries? Absolutely not, we may displace the spotted frog! Build more nuclear plants? CHINA SYNDROME, CHINA SYNDROME!

Now, with this move, the dems actually intend to RAISE the price of gasoline. And why are they doing this? Oh yeah, to pay for INCREASED SPENDING. So, much for being deficit hawks, huh?

What angers me more than the dems pulling the ol’ bait and switch on everyone, is the apathy of Schuylkill County residents towards Tim Holden and his liberal agenda. Ask most lay voters in this county about Holden and they will tell you that he is a “blue dog democrat”, a “conservative democrat”, and “an average joe just like us”. Unfortunately, they still see the dopey-looking guy in the Sheriff’s uniform who hung out at Tommy’s M&S. Meanwhile, as has been proven yet again with his support for this measure, Holden has changed into the run of the mill, lobbyist loving, tax and spend Washington liberal. Hopefully, the pain at the pump will start to wake everyone up.


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