Bush’s 2000 Victory Vindicated By Dem Primary Fight of 08′

Oh, how the tables have turned! Since November of 2000 until . . . well, today, democrats have stomped their feet and cried about how George Bush and the Republican party “stole” the presidency from Al Gore. They constantly cited the inherent unfairness of one candidate who won the national popular vote and the majority of the most populous states losing to a candidate because of the supposed flawed process of the Electoral College. Conservatives have been forced to endure numerous books, essays, films, television mini-series, and cocktail party squabbles about the 2000 election. However, now in the wake of the nomination of Barack Hussein Obama over Hillary Clinton, democrats have been proven to be both hypocritical and their arguments baseless. Finally, after nearly eights years of conflict, America will be able to put this issue to rest knowing that the correct result occurred.

To much fanfare on Tuesday night, Obama was declared the presumptive democratic nominee for President of the United States based on his earning the requisite amount of pledged delegates and superdelegates and despite his losing the national popular vote. After all 54 states and territories chimed in Hillary garnered 17,822,145 votes, while Obama earned 17,773,626. However, Obama won the nomination on the back of proportional allocation of delegates to congressional district and a majority of DNC officials and elected democratic politicians known as superdelegates by a count of 2158 to 1926.

In the waning days of the primary season, many DNC officers, democrat politicians, and media pundits, who wrung their hands at Bush’s Electoral College victory in 2000, now declared that the only count that mattered was that of the delegates. To them, the popular vote now meant nothing. Go figure. Furthermore, when Hillary petitioned the DNC Rules Committee to seat the delegates in Michigan and Florida that had been forfeited due to their states’ moving up of their respective primaries before Super Tuesday, these hypocrites told her, “Hillary, you can’t change the rules in the middle of the game”. That’s a far cry from David Bois’ argument in front of the Supreme Court that well established election laws did not matter when weighed against deriving the full intent of Florida voters in a few selected liberal counties.

Many people are talking about “history” today. We have the first black nominee for President. The reign of terror of the Clintons is over. More people voted in this primary than in any election EVER. Underneath all the pomp and circumstance, though, we have yet another example of the democratic party’s unapologetic hypocrisy when faced with a hurdle in their quest for ultimate power.



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