Tamaqua PD and DA Goodman Do the Right Thing

Today, I received notice from Tamaqua Police Officer, Henry Woods, that after consulting with Schuylkill County District Attorney James Goodman, he has decided to amend the charges brought against Elbert Stegmeier for hitting my 5-year old daughter with his vehicle last week.

In an e-mail sent just a few minutes ago, Officer Woods stated, “After speaking with him [Goodman] we both came to the agreement that there are two charges that may be appropriate for this incident. Failure to Exchange and Careless Driving.”

Both of these charges carry with them $25 fines (plus fees, of course) and points on Stegmeier’s driver’s license. Though, I would like to see Stegmeier thrown in prison, I understand that is not an appropriate consequence and is merely my emotions as a father running rampant. I appreciate Mr. Goodman stepping into this matter and being an objective mind. Also, I appreciate Officer Woods’ open-mindedness to see past his own pride and ego in order to make a victim’s family feel like justice has been done.

Since posting about the incident on Tuesday, The Clarke Reporthas been besieged by messages of support for my daughter and for justice to be done. Thank you to all of you who wrote and called, my family greatly appreciated it.



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One response to “Tamaqua PD and DA Goodman Do the Right Thing

  1. John

    Are you from the Tamaqua Area? This sort of thing is nothing new, it’s ridiculous.

    I realize this is over a year old, I just found it on google trying to dig something up in the area.



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