Hillary May Come to the Skook

According to yesterday’s Pottsville Republican and Herald, the dragon lady herself is mulling a visit to our area to march in the Girardville St. Patty’s Day Parade on Saturday. The Schuylkill County Democratic Party is working hard to make this happen, but will not know of the campaign’s decision until at least today.


What a sorry state of affairs for the Republicans in this county. Not only do we lose control of county government and get out registered for the April primary, now we’ll have to bear the sight of liberal public enemy #1 sullying the soil of our great county. One things for sure, Democrats know how to kick someone in the balls when they are down.

All is not lost, though. If Hillary does decide to make an appearance in the coal region, the conservatives of this county will finally be able to tell her to her face what we think of her candidacy and her husband’s presidency by giving her a “warm Skook welcome”. Although, I would suggest not getting too dramatic because she is likely to tell the national media that she came under “sniper fire” if we get too rowdy.

**EDIT: Schuylkill County Democratic Chairman Ed Kleha has confirmed that Hillary will NOT be marching in the parade. However, former President Bill Clinton WILL march in her stead.


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